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We wholeheartedly oppose the current government restrictions and views them as an affront to our basic rights and civil liberties. We cannot stand for this
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Forwarded from Keep It Cash
Link is the ATM/ access to banking service that runs in post offices.

If you don’t have access to cashpoints locally or a Post Office that does banking or bank, you can ask them to undertake a review.

I encourage everyone around the country to do this:
Forwarded from Big Brother Watch
👁️"Would MPs be okay if banks had the ability to raise red flags on THEIR accounts?"

Baroness Jones slams the Government's plans to spy on the bank accounts of Britons receiving benefits.


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Forwarded from Fiona Rose Diamond (Fiona CoviLeaks)
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I am super excited about going to the Red Carpet Premiere tomorrow, Thursday 23rd November at Cineworld Leicester Square to see 'God's of Their Own Religion'.

Reported in OffGuardian as 'An Orwellian Battle for the Human Spirit, Mahmood is showing us that when freedom is under attack, some essential balance of life energy is disturbed, and dark forces corrupt us at a deep level. As viewers, we are moved between the real and the imaginary terror without respite, just like an alienated citizen of technocratic totalitarianism would struggle to find coherence in a world devoid of human bonds.'

There's only a few tickets left after they had to upgrade to even bigger screen due to high demand! Get tickets here:

Hope to see some fellow freedom warriors there!

Forwarded from Keep It Cash
Link is the ATM/ access to banking service that runs in post offices.

If you don’t have access to cashpoints locally or a Post Office that does banking or bank, you can ask them to undertake a review.

I encourage everyone around the country to do this:
Forwarded from StandUpX Channel
🗣🗣 this weeks 🚫Stop New Normal / 🚘 ULEZ Can’t Pay Won’t Pay /🔥Stop NWO ClimateCon actions:

#TheUnitedFront (join telegram group!) Action Schedule 07958713320

WED 22 Nov 2023
*12 Noon Parlt Square PMQs Demo meet Churchill statue. Sack all MPs who voted to continue genocide in Palestine! The WEF must be destroyed!
*Followed by event at Pen with JOE & BIGSY who is just back and PIERS.

THUR 23 Nov
12 Noon Trafalgar Square. Counter demo +Info table to Just Stop Oil slow march.
=> JUST USE OIL! ManMade climate-change doesn't exist!

*6pm. Gods of Their Own Religion: Wow! Movie Premiere. Cineworld Leicester Square WC2H 7NA. Tickets
*6pm-7:30pm Yellow Boards Freedom Protest at High Street Carshalton SM5 3AX. (+Every Thur 6pm-7:30pm  +every Sun 11am-12:30pm same place).

FRI 24 Nov
*2pm Remember Eric Levy. Action UCL Hospital - Justice for Eric Levy! No to Euthanasia of  Elderly in the NHS!
*Also STOP All Injection programmes NOW (they do it there) UCLH, Euston Road, NW1 2BU (WARREN STREET tube).

SAT 25 Nov
*12 Noon Central London March for Palestine - and Against the WEF
*12 Noon–3pm BRRAK ULEZ. Coney Hall Village, Kingsway, West Wickham BR4 9JB. - Hayes +Coney Hall Ward by-election coming.
*7:30pm Putney Freedom Hub The Ram Inn 68 Wandsworth High Street SW18 4LB. (Rail: Wandsworth Town, from Waterloo or buses).

SUN 26 Nov
3pm - Speakers Corner, Hyde Park – Piers+Heiko.
--- NWO ClimateCon Fiona Hines case from 10am Southwark Crown Court.

As predicted & expected, the UK Counter Disinformation Unit has rebranded & will continue to operate under national security.

No legal complaint through the courts would've shut it down. Sunlight continues to be the best disinfectant.

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Forwarded from StandUpX Channel
✍️ Please sign and share
GM foods must remain labelled if we are to have a choice over whether we avoid them
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The new evidence of the 77th Brigade/MoD documenting info on politicians, columnists & those on BBC Question time is the tip of the iceberg.

We believe they also planted false stories throughout
#COVID19 like the one on LBC about the first UK Omicron death which didn't happen.

NHS Northamptonshire responded to the callers claim days later saying that no Omicron death was recorded.

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Forwarded from Save Our Rights UK

In the last 10 days there have been three announcements from Estonia, New Zealand and Slovakia stating they will not be adopting the WHOs IHR Amendments.

This gives so much more weight to our argument and we hope to see more countries, including the UK rejecting these amendments in the coming week.

➡️ We have prepared two letters that you can send in ONE click using the
form on our website.

The first goes to the Secretary of State for Health as she is the Chief Delegate to the WHO.

The second goes to your constituency MP asking them to write to the Secretary of State on your behalf.

🚨 BUT we only have until 1st Dec so
TAKE ACTION NOW - it only takes 30 seconds.

Join Louise live
on Mon 27th Dec to hear more about the rejections by each country (Slovakia’s was damning) and about what YOU can do to help!


In the meantime TAKE ACTION ( then share, share, share!

See you tomorrow night 🙌🏻

There is less than one week left for heads of state around the world to exhibit the courage needed to send a simple letter to the WHO to REJECT the amendments that were adopted on May 27, 2022

Please go to Together link below for template letters to email to your MP and Health Secretary. DEADLINE 1st DECEMBER

Save Our Rights is working with the UK Medical Freedom Alliance to halt the alarming proposals to be incorporated in the Amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) and the proposed World Health Organisation CA+ / Pandemic Agreement (Treaty/Accord).

WHAT: Reject the Amendment to Article 59 of The IHR (2005) that was adopted at the 76th WHA in May 2022 which reduces the time we will have available to reject future Amendments. The time period for Member States to reject these amendments ends on 1st December 2023.

WHEN: NOW – 1st December

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Fill in automated form (less than 1 minute to complete) on link to send letters to your MP and Health Secretary to reject Amendment to Article 59, BEFORE 1st December 2023.
Forwarded from Lawyers of Light
🎉🥳 Petition for debate on WHO IHR amendments reached its target. Well done everybody. It will now be debated. Give yourselves a high five. We must keep on pushing, no matter how fruitless it seems sometimes.
Forwarded from Save Our Rights UK
Thousands of you have taken action to lobby your MP about the amendment to Article 59 of the International Health Regulations being coordinated by the WHO.

If you haven't already then it is not too late to take action. It only takes 30 seconds but must happen today!


Many of you who have already emailed your MP have shared the responses you are getting. Many of them seem to miss the point of what we are asking.

Therefore we have written a follow up email that you can copy and paste to respond to your MP if you are not happy with the response you got.

Edit it wherever necessary to make it make sense but do send it asap.


Also a big thank you to everyone that rose to the occasion yesterday as the Government tried to pull a fast one with the Data Protection Bill.

I will cover a full update on it in the Weekly News Round Up which will be tomorrow night, Friday 1st Dec at 8.30pm. You will be able to catch it on Facebook and YouTube.
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The Big One 3.0
Worldwide Rally for Freedom People Make Glasgow LEZ Free

Saturday 20th January 2024
Commonwealth Monument at Glasgow Green
Forwarded from Fiona Rose Diamond (Fiona CoviLeaks)

MP Andrew Bridgen is joined by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish & Steve Kirsch who will be giving expert testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences.

With a video address from Dr Peter McCullough AND Dr Mike Yeadon!

Please continue to lobby MPs to attend, letter template can be found here:
Forwarded from Lawyers of Light
The energy price cap is going to rise from 1 January 2024, just in time for winter, to £1,928 a year based on Ofgem's new, lower typical use figures. This is an increase of 5% on the current October Price Cap of £1,834 a year.

Even if people lower their energy usage they will of course still have to pay the standing charge for "access to energy" even if they don't use it!

The standing charge is around an average of £303/year and will remain unchanged in January, when the cap changes.

You might be interested to know that Ofgem has launched a public review, of the standing charge, asking bill payers, suppliers, charities and consumer groups for their views on the same, and how an alternative system could work.

You can submit your views on the standing charge to Ofgem by emailing or by calling 020 7901 1000 to have your say. You must do so by 19 January 2024.

This article gives more info.

It might be worth passing this message on to others so they can also give their views on the standing charge.
UKMFA Broadcast #15 - The Autonomy Hotline with Nicky Adolphe & Dr Jon Rogers

UKMFA are delighted to support The Autonomy Hotline, who provide low cost legal advice and practical support for patients and parents across the UK who find themselves in a disagreement with a health or social care professional, and need a point of contact for support and advice.

In this inspiring interview we explore their history, their services and talk about the wonderful people that work tirelessly to ensure the hotline is staffed and services maintained.

The Autonomy Hotline has supported patients and parents with concerns about care facilities, social services referrals, Family Court cases, and hospital treatment. They are manned by a team of volunteers who have some experience of advocacy, patient care, family law or counselling. Nicky and the team believe that good and ethical patient care involves challenging professional systems, protecting human rights, family unity, and individual autonomy.

- The Autonomy Hotline website:
- Call the hotline on: 0333 772 1227
- Email: