What Pandemic?

For the previous 4 days April 3rd-6th there have been 66 people die of/with/from? Covid. 16.5 people a day. This is not a pandemic if it ever truly was. The tests are near useless being use the way they are. So why does it continue? Why has Boris just announced a test for everyone in the UK. He also recently said that testing is very valuable. Valuable for whom?

This madness has to go in reverse, not the other way around. Why are we now looking at indefinite testing, or the ludicrous proposal that we will need Covid passports for only a year. Does anybody actually trust that!? 3 weeks to flatten the curve has never really ended and one year on we are still in lockdown!

Although we are now seeing an easing of some of the lockdown measures, (perhaps in part forced by the incredible work of everyone who has taken part in The Great Reopening movement) these are not enough and are taking far too long especially considering this virus itself never was such a huge threat, as was announced by the government themselves last year!

Be Aware Of The Word Play Magic

Articles are floating around which suggest that 5 out of 9 events are not doing the Covid Passports at their pilot events. They are just allowing the government a trial run of testing everyone before entering so that they can then bring out Covid passports at a later date. Go figure, thanks guys for being the first ones to roll out an incredibly dangerous program which could then lead to an incredible huge loss of our freedoms, great work! Check out how impressed the public are with Circus nightclub in Liverpool.

However, a special mention has to go out to the Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool who after realising the government had lied to them and the media has spun their stories against them, they have now decided to completely opt out of the program.

Everyone should go and show their love and support for this incredibly brave establishment who appears to have just been mislead, something the government is just so good at doing. Upon realising the incredibly sinister agenda they had been unknowingly singed up for, they totally withdrew from the program.

So now there are only 8 our of the original 9 pilot events left.

Details on action that can be taken to stop this monstrosity can be found on the info channel or in this Telegram Group.

So why is testing being rolled out mass scale? It’s seems they are grasping at what little straws they have left to try and keep this pandemic show on the road and the money flowing towards them, or at least somewhere?

Make no mistake, certain people have and still are getting insanely rich from this ‘pandemic’, whilst your common man is continually being shafted. Even now for example, leisure centres can open, but steam rooms and saunas within it, cannot? Why is that? This has been the case since last year, I seem to remember the justification being that the spreading of Covid in a steam room or sauna is unknown. Is this really about peoples health, or controlling them?

How many people around the world are essentially bound by digital mind control?

You can see right here how the Government deliberately and strategically psychologically abused the population in order to artificially drive up fear to get people to comply with the measures. What kind of pandemic requires meetings, mind power, documents, money, time, and effort, to get people to be scared enough of it?

If this was truly a serious deadly virus, you would not need to tell anyone to be scared of it! (And many states in the USA wouldn’t be fully open right now with no problems!) Just walk around any busy park, or a popular beach on a sunny day in the UK, the public are instinctively out in numbers, apart from the occasional mask, you wouldn’t know anything were different.

Of course, once you begin to look to certain sectors (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) of the population, the nearly unseen impacts lockdowns have on people can be found. We have to stop this.

Thankfully though, as the situation gets worse, more people begin to question it. So we are in a kind of a race, which will win? Will enough people come together and organise themselves to be able to fight back against the desperate onslaught of government assaults on our freedoms?

Reading this far means you are either a police/gov agent, if so, hi hope you aren’t getting too red pilled, or, you are one of the many millions who are already on the journey to freedom. We salute these brave warriors, history will remember you for being on the right side.

We here at The Great Reopening will never stop. The fight may change its shape and form, but it continues on. We want a complete reversal of all the measures we have seen put in place since march 2020. Come and join us in this fight!

*There is also a new fast growing movement which specifically stands up for unvaccinated peoples rights.*

We do not believe these measures are necessary at all to live a healthy life and in fact in so many ways the exact opposite of what makes a human life enjoyable, meaningful and magic is being implemented.

Maybe we are being tested, perhaps our generations alive today have to be the ones to fight back and reclaim freedom, instead of being lavished with the luxury of being born and living through it. Works for me, the fun is in the fight.


  1. Jacquelynne Collins-Kemp

    Bang on point 💪

  2. kfarrey

    Check Spelling “if it every truly was” should that be EVER?



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