Thanks for deciding to help out.

For volunteer enquires:

We have all the tools you need for you to do your part in this movement.

Such as these informative documents and posters.

Be sure to download the pack.

This is how you can do your part in this movement.

1. Share this site on social media
2. Download and print flyers and put everywhere
3. Join localised Telegram Groups
4. Build up local support by contacting businesses we have a draft template available
5. Tell everyone who wants to be a part of this movement to email
6. We also are always looking for regional group moderators
7. Video yourself in acts of peaceful rebellion, like group maskless shops and contact to have the video distributed
8. Show your support for The Great Reopening with our new shirts!


Trespass Notice

The Great Reopening Main Poster

Opening With Legislation

Business Owner Phone Call Template

Know Your Rights 

Police Oath

Contact Email Template

Letter To Employer Regarding Masks

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