The Welsh Dragon Rises!

Stick Fingers, a Cardiff Restaurant Is Taking On The Welsh Government!

It is so amazing to see these establishments coming together to take on the government. Sticky Fingers owner and crowdfund organiser Matt Connolly said: “We’ve got no sight of an opening date, the funding has dried up and businesses are going bust. It’s that simple.”

Damn right! Everyone in the local area should and show there support!

You can donate here.

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According to Wales’ new Coronavirus Control Plan, there could be a widespread reopening beginning from April 22, continuing over the following three weeks, that could include outdoor hospitality.
But a number of business owners, such as Matt, feel more needs to be done and soon.
He said:
“We need to hold the government to account, they need to explain themselves.

“There’s no hint of the date. With Mark Drakeford, we have a very sort of old school socialist guy and he’s very
detached from the world that we live in and the jobs that it creates and the opportunities it provides.

“And he’s jeopardised all of that. My own personal point of view is why we’re still in lockdown, when you look at the figures and the statistics, even by their own measures we should be open.

“The goalposts keep moving. We’ve been demoralised and people, frankly, are going out of business for no good reason.”

~Wales Online – full article here

And then we have a collective of gyms in wales doing a similar thing! Something in that Wales air must be igniting the fire. Personally it is really great to see this and these brave gym owners have our full support. We would do well to unite these pockets of resistance as we are much stronger when we are working together. Perhaps if we are lucky we will be able to interview some of these warriors.

“Gym owners across Wales are preparing to launch legal proceedings against the Welsh Government in response to the continuing forced closure of the health and fitness sector.

Facilities all over the country are now on their knees, having been open for business for just three months since the first lockdown began in March 2020. They won’t reopen until at least April 12 and there were suggestions from First Minister Mark Drakeford that the wait may be even longer for small, independent gyms.

Last week, Dai Watkins, owner of The Gym Shed in Llandovery, told WalesOnline that the closures had come at a personal loss of £45,000 to him.

Now Welsh gym owners are on the verge of taking legal action, with solicitors having been instructed to draw up a letter that is expected to be delivered to the Welsh Government next week.

That letter, on behalf of Welsh gym owners, will signal their intent to begin judicial review proceedings against the government, calling into question their decision to keep gyms closed and the data being used to substantiate the move.”We still have very little idea when we will be opening,” Watkins told WalesOnline. “It’s been suggested by the First Minister that some gyms will open before others, the bigger gyms and chains with modern ventilation and air conditioning systems being given priority over smaller, privately run facilities.

“Although our infection and death rates are substantially lower than those in England, smaller private gyms could still be eight weeks away from reopening whilst gyms in England will be open in four weeks on April 12.

“Many gym users have spoken about travelling across the border to use gyms in England whilst our facilities remain closed indefinitely. “We’ve been left with no alternative but to explore a legal option to protect our sector. Our members are becoming increasingly frustrated. “We just want to be allowed to open and for our members to have the option to use our facilities – the key in all of this for me is allowing the public to decide for themselves if they feel safe or not in gyms.”

~Wales Online – Full Article Here.

And then finally to wrap it up we have this great clip of some fun freedom loving people who were playing down by the beach until the fun police showed up. However they gave them a piece of their mind and then was left to play peace of mind. 🙂


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