The Straw Man

March 6, 2021

The ‘straw man’ or ‘legal fiction’ part of the Common Law situation can be quite confusing at first. 

I know when I first heard of it, I was like.. What? 

The Birth Certificate 

The birth certificate was not introduced in England until 1875 (and around the same time in the rest of Britain). 

It is a ‘modern’ invention. It has, in and of itself, no bearing soever on our freedom as living men and women. 

Our inalienable rights were established centuries before the introduction of the birth certificate.

‘Inalienable’ means they are God-given, and can not be taken from us. No statute, Act, mandate, or legislation can change that fact. 

Common Law and Maritime Law

Common Law is the law of the land, which is applicable to every living man and woman. 

Maritime Law is the law of the sea. It is also known as Admiralty Law, and is applicable only to cargo. 

(see previous article)


The British government is a registered corporation, and operates under the law of contracts. The law of contracts is only applicable between corporations – it does not and cannot apply to living men and women. 

The British Legal System, the Justice System (courts), and the Police Force are all registered corporations. 

We are living men and women; not corporations. We are not subject to Maritime Law. 

The Fraud: the Legal Fiction

In order to coerce us into agreeing to act under Maritime Law, the government has set up the system of birth registration. 

Shortly after we are born our parents register our birth by making an application for a birth certificate, birthing the straw man.

In doing so, without being aware, our parents have created a corporation using our name (and later with a prefix attached to it, such as ‘MR’). 

This ‘corporation’ is known in legal terms as ‘the legal fiction’ (or to put it another way ‘legalese bs’).

It is this legal fiction which is now regarded by the system as a corporation, and is compelled to respond to Maritime Law.  Being a corporation, it is subject to the law of contracts. 

The Government’s View

In order to claim ownership of every British citizen (and thereby bind them into slavery), the government takes the fraudulent view that every living man and woman has been lost at sea. That we are all dead entities, and all that remains of us are the legal fictions, represented by the birth certificate registration. 

The government claims ownership of these legal fictions. 

They are considered to be ‘cargo’ and thus fall under the jurisdiction of Maritime Law.

This view is self-evidently fraudulent, criminal, and contrary to reason. (Which is one of the reasons this topic seems confusing; it doesn’t make rational sense.) We are not dead and lost at sea, but are living men and women. 

Illegal and Unlawful

Our parents are not informed when making a registration of birth of the consequences of their action – that they have just created a ‘legal fiction’ straw man by which their child will be bound into unlawful slavery. 

They are coerced into making the registration, being told that it is essential for the child to have this registration so that it can function legally in society.  

A contract entered into without full disclosure of its import and consequence does not stand either legally or lawfully. 

Summing Up

The government uses this legalese (legal language) to trick the citizens, the living men and women, of Britain into standing under (being subject to) Maritime Law. 

They do this wilfully knowing it to be a fraudulent situation. It is deliberate criminality on their part. They are treating us as though we were slaves. 

We are not slaves. Government is elected to represent the people, not to own them. 

Their behaviours in this regard are all designed to generate revenue. It is extortion. Extortion with intimidation and violence. 

Common Law Courts 

After you have claimed ownership of the legal fiction created in your name, and registered with CLC, you are then recognised as a living man or woman. 

You now stand under Common Law; the law of the LAND.

The first step is to claim ownership of the legal fiction that was created in your name. 

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