Is COVID-19 Dangerous Or Harmless?

Should we, as a starting point, think that COVID-19 is dangerous or harmless? Which hypothesis should we choose?


In science, one assumes a hypothesis, which must be the natural or reasonable hypothesis. When it comes to COVID-19 we are talking about a common cold virus, which about 15% of all people always have in the body without this causing any symptoms of illness. Usually we cannot even know that it is there. But, thanks to Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO), a test has been developed that makes the virus visible (or more visible at least, the test is not good). The fact that we can now see the virus and follow its migration around the world does not mean that the virus is more dangerous than it usually is, because the natural hypothesis of the world’s scientists is that the Corona virus COVID-19 is just the harmless common cold.

Now another group comes together with the WHO, saying COVID-19 is dangerous, actually extremely dangerous. What are they basing this on? Absolutely nothing. How can you go with such an unusual and strange hypothesis? Well, you can, if you have an interest in it. Imagine that you are a company who has developed a new Corona test. Now you want to make money from it. If you can make people think COVID-19 is dangerous, you can also get people to buy the test. So those who develop the test have a tremendous interest in choosing the hypothesis that COVID-19 is dangerous. However, they are not alone. The financing of the test comes from people who want to sell the vaccine.


Think of the great opportunity that you can now create a demand for vaccine by making the whole world buy into the hypothesis that COVID-19 is

dangerous! Now the World Health Organization comes into the picture. WHO is a trusted UN organization that can manage to make people believe COVID-19 is dangerous. The WHO gets more than half a billion dollars from the pharmaceutical industry’s people, with Bill Gates as one of the heavy contributors. In doing so, the WHO has an unfortunate interest in supporting the hypothesis that COVID-19 is dangerous. So it seems that WHO follows this interest.

Now the politicians appear, because now they have to choose sides. Should they follow the experts who believe COVID-19 is harmless, or the WHO, who thinks COVID-19 is dangerous? Politicians argue that it is good to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry! But this is completely meaningless. There are hundreds of different viruses that attack our airways constantly, and they mutate all the time. Should we shut down our society and send everybody home, every time a new virus can be tested?

Conflict of interest

Why should we join the game of the pharmaceutical industry, why should we follow WHO in this mad- ness? Especially, when we now know that WHO cooperates with the industry. The WHO was proven corrupt during the 2009 Swine flu scandal, where five members of the central advising committee received seven million USD from the industry (1).

This logic of going with the hypothesis that COVID-19 is the normal common cold virus seems to be clear to most medical professionals, researchers and experts in Denmark and elsewhere, so why do politicians around the world choose to follow the WHO in a scientifically wrong hypothesis?

One explanation could be that they got “help” from an army of industry lobbyists, who always surround a modern government. These people pretend to be experts, but they are bought and paid for by the industry, and the advice they give serves the industry, not the nation. Unfortunately, they are often very gifted people with a high intelligence, who are of great help to both politicians and government officials. This is a very dangerous thing in a dem- ocracy, and something we should pay much more attention to.

Strong lobbying

In conclusion, there are many forces acting on a Minister of Health, who must orient him/herself and make important decisions. It is obvious that the greatest force on the worlds politicians these days are not science and reason, but power and money. As scientist and as citizens we have to criticize that. The consequence of the industry running the world is that the planet suffers; for the industry takes care of its own economic interests, not the environment.

The questions of global sustainability and our continued care for the resources of our planet, nature and climate must stay in focus; we cannot let the COVID-19 crisis and the desire of the industry for power and money distract us from the goal of saving the planet.

Written by

Søren Ventegodt, MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc-CAM
Quality-of-Life Research Center, Copenhagen, and Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine, Psychology, and Sexology.
Schlegels Allé 4, 5tv, 1807 Frb C, Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen, Denmark


[1] Ventegodt S. Why the corruption of the World Health Organization (WHO) is the biggest threat to the world’s public health of our time. J Integrative Med Ther 2015; 2(1):5.

Int J Child Adolesc Health 2020;13(3):225-226 ISSN: 1939-5930 © Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


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