I’d Rather Die of Covid Than Loneliness – Jason

February 18, 2021

The lady in this picture, with her cardboard banner, has perfectly summed up an area of government failure that has had, and Continues to have, devastating consequences. 

The lockdown is arguably effecting and impacting the health of our elderly most of all. 

If this a war, as Boris likes to imply, then they are ones being slaughtered in the trenches. 

In March and April of 2020 the elderly were removed from hospitals and crammed into nursing homes; on the basis of a projected overwhelming of the hospitals by Covid cases. That flood of Covid patients never materialised, but many thousands forced into care homes died as a result of this horrifically misguided policy. 

Care home residents may account for as many as a third of all Covid related deaths during 2020.

Meanwhile, the ‘frontline’ nurses and doctors, rather than being overwhelmed, have had leisure to make a seemingly endless variety of TikTok videos with complicated choreographed dance routines. The dance routines often involve a dozen staff members or more. How do they possibly find the time? They are still churning them out. Shameful heroes of TikTok. 

After the start of the experimental vaccination roll out, for which the elderly are first in line, the bodies are piling up. If the idea is to protect the elderly, as Boris’ government claims, then it is failing catastrophically. 

There is little joy in life when we are forced to avoid all contact with those we love. Family is the centre of life, particularly for those in their twilight years. Family is the blessing of a long life well lived, and should make for a happy and contented retirement. For many, without that contact, there is no life. 

What is there to live for? 

Imagine the nightmare so many have already lived and died in: locked away from any friends, not allowed out to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, or some simple pleasures, like taking a stroll, or sitting on a park bench with a friend on an autumn afternoon. 

If they are lucky enough to see their family at all, then they are not allowed to touch or hug their grandchildren, except through plastic sheets. 

Their only contact is with masked hazmatted strangers. They are being treated like a contaminant rather than a vital human being, deserving of dignity and respect. Already listed as DNR, and then buried without attendance. 

Is this how we value and protect the elders of our community? 

Living in fear of death doesn’t help anyone. Instead, it makes us weaker and more susceptible to ill health; the immune system breaks down. 

We are herd creatures, intended to huddle together, like puppies in a basket. We strengthen each other in close contact. Isolation and distancing is anti-reason, anti-human, and anti-life.


  1. Julian French

    Having spent time on it away from TV and the one track narrative being forced upon us… Might wake one or two up –

    Before you blindly follow any more draconian rules read this 👇

    • Why did a Cambridge PCR test study of 10k people show 100% of their positives to be false?
    • Why are there many videos of empty hospitals?
    • Why are the Nightingale facilities being silently dismantled & closed when there was a big hoo-ha when they were going up? Isn’t it fantastic that we don’t need them or do they not want you to know that?
    • Why is there video after video of people pretending to administer vac*ines?
    • Why does 2020 have the 14th highest overall world death toll in last 30 years?
    • Why are there not masses of homeless dying from it on the streets?
    • Why does hardly anybody know anyone that’s died only from it as opposed to with?
    • Why are any deaths being marked as Co*id up to 28 days after a positive test? Particularly as we only have to isolate for 10-14 days after one.
    • Why has it only taken the lives of 388 under 60s with no underlying conditions in the UK?
    • Why have the Goverment not banned toxin filled food, alcohol and cigarettes which kills a ridiculously far greater number of people with awful cancers and such like if they really care about health?
    • Asy*ptomatic transfer is now debunked, so why are we still using this data to enforce restrictions?
    • Why are we still using Neil Ferguson as our “expert” advisor, when he’s failed to correctly predict pandemic numbers for the past 20 years?
    • Why are people being sent text messages from NHS saying they’ve tested positive when they didn’t even turn up to the test centre?
    • Why are we pushing a rushed vac*ine from a criminal enterprise that has broken records for claims, for a virus that is affecting literally nobody? That our immune system is dealing with on it’s own in 99.8% of the case?
    • Why aren’t we discussing healthy lifestyles, diets, vitamins C and D3 & Zinc etc… that can tackle this?
    • Why hydroxy*hloroquine being banned from shelves when it’s been proven safe and effective against other conditions?
    • Why are we being assured this va*cine is safe when we have no proof? Same scenario with swi*e flu j*b 1976. Thousands claimed damages, was GUARANTEED safe.
    • Why are the police being told to act unlawfully in dealing with anti lo*kdown protests? Yet leave BLM etc alone?
    • Why are we only hearing one-sided arguments from “experts”? No debates, no alternative perspectives being addressed by the media/gov.
    • Why enforce lo*kdowns and ma*ks when, by their own data, it’s proven they don’t work…potentially even cause more harm than good?
    • Where is the Government’s impact assessment on lockdowns? In Sept, Co*id was the 19th highest cause of death. 19th! Why are we not addressing the 18 others before it?
    • Why are we not informed about how long to wear a mask for before it becomes contaminated, which in turn is causing health issues like Bacterial Pneumonia?
    • Why were deaths marked down as Covid even though post mortems were not carried out?
    • Why are their not specific bins for ma*ks if this was so viralous?
    • Why are we told to use antibacterial santitiser when you need anti-viral to kill a vi*us?
    • Where has the fl* gone? 20k less deaths in 2020.
    • Where has pneumonia gone? 17k less deaths in 2020.
    • Commitee of 10k academics constantly ignored.
    • I know people that have tested both negative and positive on the same day, how is this possible?
    • Why do the government and their officials keep breaking their own rules if they are certain of the severity of this vi*us?
    • Jan 2018 there was a fl* outbreak that saw a 42% increase in deaths, why no restrictions implemented?
    • Why shut down hospitality industry when it’s been proven to only account for 5% of cases?
    • How are there still unoccupied beds in hospitals, when they’re at capacity every winter?
    • Why do they insist on focusing on cases rather than deaths?
    • Why did we see videos in jan/feb/march of people dropping dead in the streets of china?
    • In July you were 3x more likely to die of fl* and pneumonia than Co*id.
    • Why, when they have already been caught in August exaggerating death figures, do you not think they’d do it again?
    • Why are they happy with their testing of this vacc*ne yet still need more time to trial can*abis?
    • Why do they only fact check Co*id related content on social media?
    • Why are they not comparing the rise in ca*es to the rise in tests administered? Plus… Why does it need millions spent via SAGE and The Behavioural Insights teams to influence (brainwash) peoples thinking?
    • Why does it need social media influencers to be paid by the Government to influence the masses?
    • Why does it need media celebrities like Paul McCartney and Ian McKellen influencing public opinion?
    • Why does it require a 24/7 sales and marketing drive?
    • Why have billions been paid out in untendered Covid contracts been paid out to parliamentary chums for things like PPE?
    • How do doctors/nurses have time in ‘war zone’ hospitals to rehearse tictoc videos whilst 4.4 cancer appointments are cancelled?
    • Why are ALL NHS WORKERS gagged against speaking out against the one track narrative and are not allowed to voice an opinion and face the sack if they do so?
    • Why no word of the well documented Global Reset in the same breath when the Virus is so blatantly and actually being used to usher in this New World Order the Globalist Elite are so pushing for (as detailed in Rockefeller Lockstep 2010, UN Agenda 21/30)
    • Why no talk of the current huge shifts in wealth currently happening across the globe(trillions of pounds)
    • Why are the globalist elite making billions more money where ‘lesser’ people are driven to despair?
    • Why is there blanket silence in the mainstream media about the biggest protests in Indian history with millions upon millions gathering in Delhi?
    • Why no word of Event201.. a huge exercise of a Pandemic just 6 months before the ‘real’ thing? Surely they would mention this and say “dont worry.. we have practised for this very scenario” LOL.
    • How is it the very people who organised Event201 now have all the answers and are now making billions from the pandemic?

    The list of questions you can ask is endless, and if you think have the slightest bit of intelligence you might just wake up and start to question why the hell you are simply buying this nonsense

    People need to get a grip about what is happenning and how the world actually works

    What an absolute SH*T SHOW!!!

    Time to wake up UK rise up and take back your human rights and freedom

  2. alan chapman

    See Nick Duffell’s book Wounded Leaders, about the sociopathic narcissism that characterises many British politicians of all parties, and which as a political leadership methodology has been exported globally, and see the documentary ‘The Making of Them’ on YouTube. Politicians such as Johnson, Sunak, Cameron, Blair, etc., are doing their hopelessly inadequate best, limited and distorted by the ways that they see life. The problem is that their views of life, and death, and everything, are not much different to the views of many psychopaths who have to be kept in mental institutions, because they are so dangerous to the public. We need a complete change of political system, and economics, and education, etc., nationally, and globally. Simpol.org looks like a good start, IMHO.

  3. TO

    What an evil joke that these people aware the ones we’re supposedly protecting. However, all measures have been detrimental to their well being and even their survival. The average of the supposedly deadly virus is 82yrs of age. But many of this age group have suddenly died since the beginning of the rollout of vaccines. What a bunch of evil beings are we dealing with?

  4. Neil

    This is one of the biggest tragedies of recent years, great article


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