How the media works

Here we can see the BBC find a story from another country which has a group that also matches a group in the UK they disagree with. We all know the BBC toes the line of the WHO, Bill Gates and the vaccine empire, as well as many other major media outlets in the UK and around the world.

In this little piece, simply for even questioning whether the person may have died from something other than Covid, asking if they had actually had an autopsy, the BBC has this to say:

She had run directly into a Covid-19 denier. They’re a relatively small but vocal group who have a range of beliefs – but in general, many think coronavirus is a “hoax” or “not real”, and are against public health measures and lockdown rules.

Is the UK not meant to be a hub of reason and common sense? Why is asking a question seen as marking a “Covid denier” when the woman clearly had not had an autopsy so, surely, could not have known for sure?

This shows how the media’s mind games work. Anybody who even slightly questions/deviates from the official narrative is attacked. Many have been noticing this for a long time; the people are being conditioned to not think for themselves and it seems to be getting worse… but is it also easier to detect? We certainly hope so.

Here we see a sneaky sleight of hand auto suggestion. Suggesting that allowing Covid passports to be extended to people who have a test makes it 100% non-discriminatory. But what about people who do not want to be tested? Is constant testing safe? Are the tests even accurate? Why do the tests involve putting a swab deep inside your nose/throat when this virus is supposedly so infections and prevalent? Surely you should just be able to swab the inside of your mouth?

So many questions…

This is a clever way the narrative is spun by the media. One thing, the worst usually, is seen to be in dispute and may or may not happen. The other part of the agenda, however, is nicely woven in with no questions asked, as if it is just a part of reality.

As most have no idea how powerful their own mind really is, or even use it half the time, people reading this can be easily programmed with the idea that while, for now, vaccine passports are a bit taboo, testing is all well and good.

Here in the Telegraph. The 21st of June, the supposed end to all of this. What does “as close to normal as possible” mean? Does that mean our old way of life but with tests, vaccine passports, mask mandates, and restrictions on travel and the way businesses can operate?

What do you think?

When foreign travel is opened up, restrictions will be based on a traffic light system. Wait, hold on… I thought it was all going to be over on the 21st? So that again appears to be a lie. Is this another addition to the “as close to normal as possible” category? Will traveling ever be the same again?

Much of the world is going along with this madness. Imagine the sum total of all the un-awakened, un-questioning people on the planet. How many of them will go along with all of this? How many of them will start to die from following all of these anti-human ways of living?

You get your holiday by having your double jab but has your health been put at risk? Reports are now coming out related to insurance companies not allowing people insurance due to their having taken an experimental medical treatment.

And just to top if off, on Saturday, the 3rd of April, the UK recorded 10 Coronavirus deaths….

You couldn’t make it up. It has never been so easy for people to wake up. I really hope they do and, maybe, the media madness helps. If they don’t figure it out en masse they had bloody well better not take the rest of us living, breathing, thinking people down with them.

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  1. Josephine Newnham

    Meet a gentleman this afternoon putting posters up for Sunday meeting, Explained to me what it is all about many of the Ideas are the same as mine, Hope to be there Sunday.


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