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Information for Businesses Taking Part in The Great Reopening


“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty

when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.”

Mahatma Ghandi  


The Great Reopening has partnered with to bring you FREE information on how you could lawfully defend your right to earn a living. In all events you are encouraged to explore the information here and do your own research. This is not legal advice.

Here are some legal arguments for opening your business:


The closure of your business violates the following inalienable human rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 3          Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of a person

Article 23       We have a right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment

Article 30       We have the right to withdraw from any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein. 

“All Rights, Liberties, Freedoms & Dominion Reserved & Protected”

Action: Display the Trespass Notice (detailed below) in your premises door or window and keep copies to hand.


The government have deemed your business non-essential.

Action: Create an argument as to why your business is essential to you, your customers, and the UK economy.


NO IMPACT ASSESSMENT (Legislative Scrutiny) 

“No regulatory impact assessment has been prepared for these regulations.”

The government have not done an impact assessment on the consequences of deeming your business “non-essential” and shutting down the UK economy.   

The analysis that goes into impact assessments ensures that Government consider the need for and likely impact of new regulations to support legislative change.

The fact this hasn’t been done means there has been no parliamentary scrutiny, or cost-benefit analysis for the closure of businesses. Almost a year on and it still hasn’t been completed when it ought to have been.


Do your own impact assessment. 

Create a document detailing how in spite of government grants, loans and funding, the cost of lockdown is too severe and disproportionate to the risk faced.

You can include how the measures have impacted you personally, financially, emotionally, mentally, socially etc. 

You can also detail the impact lockdowns have had on your customer base, for example on detrimentally affecting health and well-being (gyms) or losing customers to online traders such as Amazon (retail). 

Include evidence from reputable sources. A reference list will be added to the website shortly to assist you in the process.

Action: Display Your Impact Assessment and keep copies to hand to give to officials if need be. Include a request for a copy of the Governments Impact Assessment for closure of “non-essential’ businesses in your ‘Notice of Conditional Acceptance’ of Closure detailed below.



The Government is acting Ultra Vires; “A body exercising an invalid excess or power of authority.”

Here are a few key points about your rights under Common, Equity and Trust Law, which all stand above statute:

  • You have an unalienable right to earn a living.  
  • Governments, local authorities, police are all profit-making corporations. The organisations were created to serve wo/men, not to enslave them.
  • Your dealings with the Government are contract law and contracts are only valid with your consent (but they don’t tell you this).
  • Would you close your business if McDonalds told you to? These corporations are no different, they just use fines to bully and scare people into complying.
  • You can use their system against them using contract law (which stands above the statutory legal system).


This process is summarised below. The following documents can be found in the downloads section & are also linked in RED the text.

  1. Display the Trespass Notice in your premises window. This takes away the authorities implied rights of access – they are your premises; therefore it is your rules – whether your premises are rented or owned.
  1. Put the government on ‘Notice Of Conditional Acceptance’ NOW. They have made you an OFFER and you may accept it under CONDITIONS. The ball is then in their court, they MUST rebut your points with clear factual evidence.

For more added weight, include in your mailings supporting evidence that shows that the claims made by the government are dubious. The Great Re-opening Team have done lots of research and can provide you with links to supporting evidence upon your request.

Display the notice in your business window and send it to the relevant ministers, police chiefs, local council and your MP by registered delivery. 

Keep copies (send the originals) of everything including registered post slips and proofs of receipts, along with postage payment receipts.

Keep copies of all this in your business premises to show visitors/police etc. Keep several copies so that you can give copies to any visitors or Government Officials.

  1. Notice of Fault. If after 10 days, you have not had a response to the above Notice of Conditional Acceptance send the following ‘Notice of Fault‘. This reminds them of your first Notice and that they haven’t responded, giving them a further 10 days to reply.
  1. Notice of Default. When they don’t reply to your second notice, send a third ‘Notice Of Default‘. This states they failed to respond and therefore have tacitly accepted the terms (they do this to us all the time! You can do it to them!) of your counter-offer (this first Notice) which is your conditional acceptance, and that now, a lawfully binding contract exists, that there is no obligation for you to close your business.

The ‘Fee Schedule’, is simply a list of the fees that will be charged if ‘They’ decide to breach the terms of your new contract. You could include things like forced closure of the business despite this contract £5,000 per month, etc. 

If they breach the contract and try to shut you down, send them a bill, when they don’t pay, make a claim in small claims court. A judge will accept the validity of your documents (the contract) and your ‘3 stage administrative process’ that you properly carried out in a lawful and perfectly reasonable way. 

Note to business owner: The process of 3 notices can be done in twenty days, please don’t give them any extra time to respond.

Remember you will not get in trouble just for sending these notices as long as you are polite and make no threats at all. You are only making an offer to contract and asking for clarification of their claims. Be brave and stand your ground.

If the authorities come to your premises. Try not to get into a conversation with them, just repeat that you prefer to do this in writing and are waiting on a reply from whoever it is you served your notice on. 

The Police may or may not see the validity of them, most have little knowledge of the law, but a Judge most certainly will. The principles of these notices lie in what is known as Contract Law or Commercial law, law forms that are higher forms of law than statutes and of course, guidelines.

Refer to the list of questions below for support. It’s important you have done your own research and understand the process you are following so if you do get a visit from officials, you know exactly how to handle the situation.

  1. Statement Of Truth. You can ask for the official after the initial questions below, to sign to confirm their intentions are lawful and are truthful. Then hand them the statement of truth (on the next page) to sign (they won’t). You can then offer them to take it and get in touch once they have agreed to your conditions, by posting it back. Don’t forget to delete this and also alter as needed depending on your type of business.
  1. If you receive a fine or notice issue the Conditional Acceptance of Fine Document to the person issuing the fine. This states that you will accept the charge notice, under conditions, for example; they prove the virus has been isolated, purified and introduced to a living host. Remember, if you just accept the charge notice you are admitting an offence.

Under Constitutional Law and the Bill of Rights 1688, you cannot be fined unless you’ve been proven guilty. Subsequently, you are issued with a notice.

A notice is an offer (not a fine), to discharge duty before conviction – you’re accepting liability / fault by paying.
















Always video record any interaction with government officials and make them know you are doing so. This holds them accountable for any deviation from their jurisdiction.

Please remember, Government officials are public servants and are governed by the 7 principals of public life. You can read these here, make yourself familiar with them, as some officials may need reminding.–2

Don’t answer any questions or make any statements. Tell them that you are very busy and do they have any lawful objections to proceeding in this matter in writing.

Answer a question with a question. Watch videos of this already in action here.

Possible questions to ask if visited by government officials

– Reminder: Direct them to your trespass notice and get them to confirm on video their authority allows them to trespass.


  • Please identify yourself (name and badge number)
  • Are you a police constable?
  • Please show me your warrant card.
  • Who are you insured by? What is your indemnity insurance number?
  • Perhaps you are impersonating a constable? (when they refuse)
  • Can you confirm the company you work for?
  • Which station are you operating from?
  • Can you confirm you have authority to trespass upon these premises and on my God given right to earn a living and live in peace and harmony?
  • Can you confirm your authority overrides contract law? (This can be asked after the first of the 3 notices have been sent to authorities as you should have a binding contract through tacit acquiescence/ see document)



  • Are you following your codes of practice? (7 principles of life, look these up and have a copy)
  • Are you a public servant?
  • Please identify your indemnity insurance number and what company you are with? (They are liable for their actions)
  • Are you here to enforce guidelines?
  • What other authority are you relying on?
  • Can you confirm that guidelines are law?
  • Is your authority superior to contract law? (You do not have a contract to follow the coronavirus act nor are you obliged to consent)
  • Can you confirm I have consented to the Coronavirus Act?
  • Can you confirm you don’t need my consent to enforce your alleged powers?
  • Have you evidenced your claims?
  • Are you denying that one of the maxims of laws; that the burden is upon the one who makes the claim?


Make them your own; feel free to change the wording, layout and/or font of these notices and add your own conditions, or terms removing any irrelevant terms. 

Most importantly do your own research and add supporting evidence when you can and refer to the evidence list provided in the downloads section

If ‘They’ receive lots of the same Notices, all with the same words and format, they can more easily defeat it. If they receive many of these all slightly different, with different wording and evidence, they have to work harder.

Strength in numbers. Please share with fellow business owners. Be brave, your country needs your business to open. This is all perfectly lawful, and in fact legal. You are only making an offer. One that they will find difficult to refuse! Never use threats or bad language. Be polite. Stay in honour. At all times.

For more free information and to register your business on the online directory so patrons can find you, visit They also host weekly zoom meetings to help you understand this process, and so you can speak to people actively using contract law in this way.

If you’re opening your business, please email directly so we can put you in touch with supportive customers in your community.

Good luck and be strong! You are well within your rights as a man or woman to do this. Remember always that they are Public Servants and you are the public! They may have forgotten this relationship.


Best wishes,

The Great Re-Opening. 


Disclaimer, the creators of  and are not qualified, nor are they lawyers or legal advisors. We take no liability for your errors or actions you decide to take based on the information given. You are highly encouraged to do your own research. We are working on providing you a legal standing based on Laws of Equity.


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