An Introduction To Common Law

March 4, 2021

Common Law has been gaining traction over recent months, especially as a way to resist Boris’ unlawful lockdown measures. There has been quite a bit of success in this regard. 

Common Law may offer a real solution for us all in the long term.

Still, many are unfamiliar with the details of Common Law, and how it works, so I want to give a brief outline here as an introduction. 

Before we get to that, just a word about Admiralty or Maritime Law: Maritime Law is the law of the sea, and applies exclusively to cargo (Common Law is the law of the land, applicable to all living men and women). Yet this is the law which our government operates under and enforces; as though living men and women had been lost at sea, and could only be dealt with as cargo. The entire legal system, and all statutes, acts, and mandates, all legislation, operate according with Maritime Law.

It is the law of contracts between corporations. The government is a corporation, so are the courts, so is the police force etc etc. 

This contract law must be consented to – agreement to enter into a contract with. Without consent it has no power; this is why people have been able to successfully resist the unlawful lockdown restrictions – simply by withholding consent.

Since we are not corporations, but living men and women, the entire system is based upon an outlandish fraud and criminal coercion. 

It is tantamount to slavery. 

Common Law, also known as God’s Law and Universal Law, is very simple. It is the highest law, which is why it is known as God’s Law. 

It represents our inalienable rights; rights that we are born to, and which can never be taken away from us. 

No legislation can change this. 

viz To live as free men and women, with dignity. To pursue our destinies. To worship our God. To live our lives free from coercion and violence. 

Common sense stuff. 

Common Law is to do no harm to others. Don’t steal. Be honorable in all contracts and transactions. Uphold the peace. 

We don’t need more than this, because these simple rules cover every situation. With the fair application of common sense, every dispute can be settled righteously, with proper justice. 

When these laws are upheld and observed by all there is no strife, no crime, and no war. 

We are not criminals. 

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Written By Jason



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